Saturday, 26 April 2014

Weighing In

A relative recently brought over a sizeable box of AB figures bought from an eBay seller in America, and boy did she moan about the weight...(when she is going home loaded down with riding equipment I never hear a murmur - although she does admit her luggage is opened every time by curious airport & customs staff - as they pull out riding crops, snaffle bits and god knows what else she does get some strange looks...).

This prompted me to actually weigh my unpainted 15mm collections. So here we are:

Later French Napoleonics  - 4.6 kg

Austrian Napoleonics - 1.2 kg

Russian Napoleonics - 0.75 kg

British Napoleonics - 0.75 kg

Spanish Napoleonics - 2 kg

1806 Prussians - 3 kg

1806 French - 2.75 kg

Total Napoleonic Lead Weight = 15.05 kg
The biggest component of the 15 kilogrammes are AB figures, followed by BH, with a small amount of Xan Miniatures. I used to have a fair few OG and Fantassin figures too - but they went North of the border to Paul ( Napoleonics In Miniature ) Alba's brother, David when I decided I wasn't going to mess around with poorly sculpted and cast figures anymore (David on the other hand, likes OG and Fantassin).

ACW = 4.6 kg
All of this is Battle Honours - I sold off the Old Glory figures (probably the same weight again) two or three months ago.

AWI = 2.1 kg
All Polly Oliver - bought in dribs and drabs over the years. Really nice figures, but they've pretty much sat unloved since I got them. One or two figures are making it into my Spanish Militia battalions for the Peninsula.

Sci-Fi = 1.2 kg
All GZG - I think GZG were having a sale and I had the urge to do something completely out of my own imagination - but these too are rather unloved

If you add that lot up - it's just short of 23 kilogrammes (or just over 50 lbs). Now I have to admit I'm pretty surprised by this - I was pretty sure I owned at least my own body weight. On the other hand, I weighed one of my 32 figure Spanish battalions and it weighed 100 grammes (a 12 figure cavalry squadron was about 140 grammes). This would mean that 1 kilo is equivalent to roughly 320 infantry, or 86 cavalry. This means my Napoleonic lead pile contains something like 3,000 to 4,000 painting points and would thus, assuming I went at full steam ahead doing ten figures a week, take me until the early 2020's to clear. The balance of the 15mm pile (just short of 8 kg) should see me through to retirement.

And yet, I'm clearly underweight (I know) in British, and have no Portuguese at all - so obviously need to add some more figures to make up this deficiency at some point.

So how much does your lead pile weigh? And how many years painting at your "normal" painting speaad does this represent?


  1. lol great post Malc, I'll have to work this 1 out for my own collection.

  2. I reckon I have 5 years' worth of painting in the lead and plastics piles. That terrifies me.


  3. Without being maudlin, all I can say with any certainty is that I'll croak long before I can get to the end of the queue, even if I never buy another figure. Course, that won't stop me putting on weight . . . .