Tuesday, 15 April 2014

More Salute Pictures - Not The Cutting Room Floor

For those of you who don't blog at all there are a number of pages "hidden" behind the main the one - I usually just go straight to the "New Post" page and sometimes look in the "Comments" section - yesterday I had a look at the "Statistics" page and the last post on Salute 2014 seems to have gone a bit viral. It is now my second most popular post ever (with about 1250 hits so far). So thanks to you all for popping by and for your very kind comments.

Anyway, here are the remaining pictures I took on the day (not so much the cutting room floor as "I can't remember what game that was from, or who did the hard work to put it on").
I think this was the "less interesting" end of the Gripping Beast Advertorial for their new "Crescent & The Cross" Saga supplement.

I think this is Whitehall Warlords "Iron Butterflies In The Killer Jungle", a 15mm Vietnam game. It was actually much bigger than this, extending out either side.

The above three shots are of the 28mm game from the Continental Wars Society's "Avanti - Capture the Villa Corsini" - a participation game set during the siege of Rome in 1849. It featured some "paint converted" Perry 28mm ACW and set Giles off on a "forgotten wars of the 19th Century" conversation with the chaps running the game - although I think the 19th Century has been having a bit of a resurgence over the last couple of years.

Next up are three pictures of "August 1914" by CTK Wargaming, a 15mm game set at Tannenberg. I've got the Solshenitsyn novel in my "to read again" pile by my bed. Really nice terrain - over three hundred trees and N-gauge buildings various model railway producers, the grass effect was hanging basket liner covered over with flock.

Another two views of the Dien Bien Phu era 28mm game put on by Chemins de Feu, demonstrating masterly use of aquarium foliage (and I mean that sincerely).

And I think the above pictures are of the Abbey Wood Irregulars "21 Into 6 Won't Go" - a demonstration of the Mission Command rules. Correction: This game was by the Jersey Privateers (I'm even more impressed now I know it survived a Channel crossing unscathed) entitled the "D-Day Dodgers". The standard of terrain was really first rate, a beautiful game.

And this is one of the "I have no idea who did this" games - I remember it was quite substantial and the chaps in the last shot were sneaking up the flank - 28mm.

I think this "Escape to New Victoria" by Red Planet Miniatures, a VSF game (duh!) set on Mars. 28mm and very nicely done.

I think this is White Hart Wargames "Allan Quartermaine & The Lost City" game - it wasn't quite this dark at Salute - it's the effect of the flash I used.

And that is it - and no photos of the Newark Irregulars 28mm "Keren 1941", Frothers "The Spice Must Flow" or a number of other super games that I should have taken a few snaps of (my camera being buried at the bottom of my carrier bag is a poor excuse). And looking at the programme trying to identify the games I did take pictures of only makes me aware of the games that we must have passed by - and where was the "diorama" that was to be put on by Ron Ringrose aka the Essex Gamester?

Overall it was a great Salute, extremely well organised by the South London Warlords as usual - I think it says something for the slick way they manage the show that my biggest whine was about something over which they have no control - the lighting. Although I did find navigating around the show challenging part of it was purely me (the map in the guide has the entrance at the bottom and in my "mental map" I entered at the top - as the hall is essentially a featureless box with a grid pattern I struggled a bit) and partly the lack of reference markers - possibly some signs for next year? 


  1. Your comment about about the Abbeywood Irregulars is incorrect. The game was presented by the Jersey Privateers, using Flames of War rules. It was our first year attending with a game. Many thanks for the coverage!

    1. Richard, please accept my apologies - I was too busy admiring your game to look at who put it on! And how refreshing to see FoW without wall to wall tanks! The figures and vehicles etc were all painted to a very high standard - I've tried painting WWII figures before and I'm unable to get them to "pop" like that!

  2. Great photos!!! I missed loads of games as well!