Monday, 25 April 2011

Seven Months Silence

So, seven months silence. Well, to be frank, I just wasn't in the mood for the hobby. I still lurked on TMP and sometimes put brush to lead for an hour or so - but I had no urge to sit down and finish anything (I'm sure psychologists could have a field day with my inability to finish things that I start). I haven't actually played a game for a couple of years now. And I managed to miss Salute this year because I was working at a wine tasting on the other side of town. So wargaming-wise nothing much has happened - essentially I've been inert.

On the plus side however, I've got over my inability to paint French Line Infantry (or FLI as Napoleon's Battles term them in their lists) - I had a bunch of FLI left over from the "big purchase" that had been undercoated in black and I decided to paint a few to fill out a battalion that I had bought on Ebay. And, lo and behold, I managed it to an okay standard. Normally I give up in disgust at my ineptitude and put them down to paint something I can actually do, like FLI in greatcoats (which are much easier) or British Line Infantry or just about anything. My problem with black undercoating is that I struggle to make out the details - but bathed in the light of my magnifying spotlight I didn't have that problem quite so much this time round. So that caused a small spurt of interest and I just about got a battalion's worth of Old Glory figures done before the excitement petered out.

But that is it for this year's production. My painting desk is still littered with half finished figures and my lead pile is still just as big as it was before I started.

So these bad boys are not by me but photographed at SELWG in October 2010 (which was my last wargames outing). I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the battle, the group putting it on, or even the scale of the figures (you can tell I'm a pro at this kind of thing can't you?).

So, hopefully, it won't be seven months before my next post. I'm detecting glimmerings of an urge to paint some figures...