Monday, 10 November 2014

Photos of French Napoleonic Veterans

Whilst browsing the WWW I came across this - what a shame they aren't in colour!

Photos of French Napoleonic Veterans

There are some super pictures there - some of them look like they could mount up and ride again for the Emporer at a moments' notice!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

SELWG Pictures

Apologies for being absent for so long - I had a loss of "painting mojo" which was fortunate as I've been suffering a recurrence of my back issues, and another course of steroids which have worked as advertised but have had the side effect that I couldn't stop my hands trembling. So, I've been prepping a few figures and undercoating ready for the return of both my mojo and my ability to hold a pint without spilling it. Both have now returned so you might see a return of more normal service over the next few weeks.

Anyway, today I went to SELWG at Crystal Palace and snapped some photos (as usual huge apologies to those people I haven't credited - I was my usual hopeless self at noting which game was which):

The above photos are of the Deal Wargames Club 15mm Vietnam game. I particularly enjoyed the patches of napalmed jungle.

This was the Batttle of Kohima 1944 and was a fine example of Kallistra Hex terrain in action. I also liked the fact it wasn't wall to wall tanks.

This was a participation game of the American raid on Schweinfurt - I got the impression some of the games played were as bloody for the Americans as the real thing.

This was a very neat foldaway terrain board for a demonstration of the new edition of Poor Bloody Infantry which is due out imminently...

The above is a WWI game with marvellous terrain. I was particularly impressed when I learnt the bandstand and park benches that I had assumed were from some O gauge railway producer, were actually one piece 3D printed plastic pieces. 

Another participation game - chariot racing - obviously silly hats were compulsory!

Apologies, I'm not sure who this was by - but it was a very nice colonial game with (I think) a variety of makers figures present including Foundry.

The above are 1/1200 Langton Miniatures ships and while it was a club game all the ships were one man's work - who very kindly stopped and chatted to me. He's been building these since the 90's and is working on the Dutch so he can do Camperdown. The rules being used were Rod Langton's "Close Action" which this chap reckoned were pretty good.

This was a Russo-Prussian v French battle (Brienne 1814) using an updated version of "Esprit de Corps" - evidently the figure ratios were 1:45 or so for infantry and 1:30 for cavalry. There seemed an awful lot of charts and the units were too small for my taste though.

The above game was put on by Capitan Games - the terrain was used at Salute with 15mm Napoleonics but today they were playing with a new range of figures for the War of Spanish Succession. If I have this right, the infantry have been designed and produced for Capitan Games by Eureka in Australia (although Capitan will be producing in the UK themselves in future). They haven't done the cavalry yet so the cavalry on the table were by Minifigs. I thought they looked rather good. 

And this is another game I first saw at Salute - 300 trees and who knows how many WWI 15mm soldiers.


The above are a few pictures of the Loughton Strike Force game which I think had something to do with the British in Normandy (in WWII obviously) - Mr Brown made a strenuous effort to explain why I should upgrade to the "Deluxe" Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier ruleset (I quite like the idea of WWII wargaming I just don't find any attraction in painting WWII armies - essentially I lose interest with the onset of khaki).

All of the above are random photos of Simon Miller's rather lovely ancients figures - all 28mm of course.

By the time I reached the upper area most people were packing up - I'm not sure what the above rather large game was about. There seemed to be lots of marker chits and things.

So, all in all, I had a rather happy day admiring other people's nicely painted soldiers (and of course bought some more unnecessary toys myself).