Saturday, 4 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago Giles kindly nominated for for the "Stylish Blogger Award", and (apart from laughing at the suggestion that my blog is anything other than dilatory) I was concerned that I wanted to come up with "seven things about me" that would live up to the standards of other recipients - and wouldn't result in criminal charges.

So here we go:

1) I have at least two (and sometimes three) birthdays a year. I work for a wine importer and between 16.30 and 17.00 on Fridays we cease work to wish the birthday boy or girl "many happy returns" - as there are 52 weeks a year, and we have less than 40 staff there was a management decision to create "official" birthdays (toasting the birthdays of ex-members of staff was rejected) so we could have a toast every Friday. As holders of several Royal Warrants we feel "it's the done thing" to raise a glass to their birthdays too.

2) Following on from the above my ongoing WIP (and as I am congenitally incapable of finishing anything they are numerous) are stored in individual champagne gift boxes - I'd recommend this procedure to everyone - not only are they a very convenient size for both 15 and 28mm but you get an added glow of virtuousness as you help the environment by recycling them (and can get a very nice "glow" from the champagne as well - of course as a member of the drinks industry I can only recommend "responsible drinking").

3) I've only played in two wargames in the last four years (one ACW game hosted by "Eclaireur", and one big game organised by Dave Brown and Eclaireur using - mostly - Giles' delightful AWI Perry figures).

4) My wife is Lebanese and lived in Beirut throughout the Civil War. As a result she can identify the equipment used by the various factions involved just as well as any wargaming geek - she also has the endearing habit of making very occasional "when I lived in Beirut" comments while watching news from warzones on the telly (she really didn't like the Katyusha type rockets they used).

5) I've just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary - although we lived together for several years before that (leading her rather religious mother back in Beirut to brand my wife a "hussy"). I think I admitted my liking for toy soldiers to her before we married, but I'm pretty sure the serious addiction didn't set in until later.

6) I've been arrested for being drunk in charge of a bicycle.

7) I've been spat on by Johnny Rotten.

I'm also expected to nominate some other blogs. So here we go:   This is a very nice new blog by a Kiwi who has built a superb 28mm Western town called "Leadwood". This is again a fairly recent blog that I discovered while looking at Blogs of War - see below. If you wish to see some super AB figures in the mass then this a good place to go. If you like to waste time browsing the web then this is a good place to go. A miscellany of wargaming goodness.