Sunday, 6 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday - Week 13

Apologies - a day late and a dollar short as my brother in law used to say.

So Week 13 - and a drop in output. Last week I said I'd start logging my numbers again and managed 23 figures, and as I'd lost count of how many I had painted earlier in the year, I'd start from scratch. So, 23 from 120 left me 97 figures behind schedule. This was even more embarrassing as I've bought a huge number of figures this year (even by my standards). And next Saturday is Salute when I'll be picking up some more AB Spanish.

So Week 13 and I've completed 18 more figures:

4 French Legere Carabinier
4 French Line Fusiliers in Greatcoat
10 Spanish Militia

I'm thus 89 figures behind schedule as of this week.

The French Legere chappies, along with the couple from last week gives me enough for a stand - so I'll add to the battalion as and when while tackling the Erb Prinz. I've also made a serious start on the Erb Prinz, painting their trousers, facings, hair and knapsack. I have an early finish tomorrow so I plan to put a dent in them then - before the new series of Game of Thrones begins (despite my general dislike of "dungeons and dragons / fantasy crap" I'm rather enjoying this show) - I've been catching up over the last few weeks on Sunday nights. I'm not sure if it is because the "fantasy" elements are fairly dialled back (so far at least) or because every time you see a good looking woman you can be fairly sure she'll be naked within the next five minutes.

I've also primed some more French Legere and the last few Spanish Militia to complete the battalion. As you can see, my clearing the decks plan is failing dismally. I think it is about time I had another stocktake so I can list just how many 15mm Napoleonic figures I own - I'm fairly sure I have more ABs than Ian Marsh at Fighting 15s. 

This week my big moan was about Amazon - I buy a lot of books from them (at least one order a month plus what I buy elsewhere) and my moan wasn't about the pricing, or the deliveries or anything like that. My moan was about their "if you like that, then you'll like this" feature that "recommends" books for you to buy. I'm being pigeonholed by Amazon's algorithms - just because I buy one "whodunnit" doesn't mean I want to buy the entire output of the crime fiction writing community. My recommended reads include so many sword and sandals books you'd think I read nothing else (okay I enjoy the "Oathsworn" series, and the Harry Sidebottom "Warrior of Rome" books - but really, Conn Iggulden? Do me a favour.).

If they are going to do a "if you like this..." recommendation then how about working on the corollary? "If you tell us you hate this author we won't recommend X, Y and Z authors" 

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  1. Great post Malc, Very true about Amazon! Sounds like your catching up. I may try your 10 figures a week. I may add a conversion/painting edit to it?
    Enjoy Salute, we plan to go to it 1 year.