Sunday, 28 March 2010

Paint On Lead

So, after the debacle of taking the best part of three weeks to paint 8 cuirassiers and seven horses (only to find that I'd used the wrong horses!). I thought this week I'd throw caution and pride to the wind and just try and finish off a lot of my half finished figures to get some "scores on the board" - so this week's figures are a real grab bag.

I painted (another) light horse to mount my final cuirassier on - I did consider remounting them and re-using the light horses for something else (and in fact bought some "heavies" from Ian at Fighting 15s to do so) but then thought better of it - I'll just blame inferior remounts from the quartermaster instead. It's just occurred to me that this is my first complete unit (ok it's just a squadron but nevertheless...)

I finished an Austrian mounted infantry officer, a couple of French Line Infantry in greatcoats (not march attack but advancing at high porte - BH figures) and I'm working on an Austrian 3lb artillery battery (twelve figures and three guns) - again by BH - touch wood this should be completed by midnight.

I've also primed about a dozen horses, the unidentified bicorne cavalry and three Russian Uhlan (I glue my riders to nails so I can hold the nail while painting the figure - unfortunately I couldn't find the box of nails I use so I was limited to re-using the nails vacated by the cuirassier and Austrian chappie.

I've been looking at my Hourtelle book on Borodino and there appear to be only two Uhlan regiments at Borodino - the Poland Uhlans (rather fetching in a purple and dark pink outfit), and the Lithuania Uhlans. Needless to say, I don't have the right colours for these units in my paintbox - so another delay - at this rate I may well have to buckle down and try and paint some French Line infantry in campaign dress.

I also have a large bag of OG Russian infantry marching in greatcoat - I'm thinking that for next week I might just see how I go on painting a big lot. I usually prefer to paint in small groups and have some completed every session - I find painting one hundred bayonets at a time a bit dull.

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