Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Slight Deflation

After asking on TMP what the bicorned cavalry are I feel somewhat deflated - Colbert (who paints rather better than me) identified my French Cuirassiers as AB figures mounted on light cavalry horses (the embarrassment of it!). I thought they looked a bit small but as all the rank and file were identical I thought they must be BH - which generally speaking are smaller than their AB brethren.

So I looked through my "big box" and, needless to say, I have no standing heavy cavalry horses. I did find another dozen or so cuirassier but no horses to go with them. I suppose the good news is that as AB have gone up in price again (for completely understandable reasons) lots of my toy soldiers are worth more than they were a few weeks ago - the bad news is I was putting off buying my AB's until Salute. So now I'm thinking I need remounts for my Cuirassier, a command group for my Pavlovskii, and some Cossacks to make up the numbers.....

Well that didn't take much thinking about - which also means I've breached one of my aims for this year already, to paint twice as much as I buy. Which I suppose means I need to keep plugging away.

I've also kept my Borodino "thing" going by buying the old Talonsoft PC game, "Napoleon In Russia" - I was astonished to find it is now selling for about £15-20 on eBay. The last time I saw these things in the shops they were being remaindered for a fiver.

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