Friday, 2 April 2010

Russian Uhlans

I used to hate painting horses - they took me a long time and never looked very good. But, having found a simple method to produce good results I'm now on a cavalry painting frenzy - so here is my first test figures for some Russian Cavalry - troopers of the Poland Uhlan Regiment.

Please forgive the poor photography. I'm more concerned with the uniform colours - I suspect the shabraque is actually too pale a pink, but given that you need to paint smaller figures with paler colours I think they'll work out okay. If I give them a black wash that'll darken them down as well. The good news is that they were very quick to do - so I suspect I might be able to finish them this weekend. However, there is a slight fly in the ointment. The bag of figures they came in contained charging light cavalry horses (which are very nice). Unfortunately the riders, as you can see, look like they are in reserve - so a standing horse might be better, I think I'll have a look through the big box to see if I have any standing light cavalry horses. I don't really want to place any more remount orders with Ian Marsh at Fighting 15's.

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