Sunday, 28 February 2010

Week 4, 28th February 2010

I must apologise for the paucity of my painting this week - I had some kind of bug that meant I was rather shivery (which kind of put paid to what little brush control I have) for several days. I did manage to finish the eight BH Pavlov Grenadiers, and mount a number of figures on their painting sticks to be primed, so the week wasn't a total loss.

As I have nothing really to show you this week I thought I'd pull out another picture from the Wagram game last year. The figures were painted by "Greystreak", aka Bryce Allen, who normally paints rather beautiful 28mm 1812 Russians. He put his Foundry figures aside for awhile to pick up the challenge of painting 15mm AB's. The unit advancing in the blue jackets represent part of the Hesse-Darmstadt Brigade (Bryce painted the whole thing for GdeB but scaled back by 33% to fit the OOB on the day), the Leib-Garde Regiment - the balance of the infantry are in line behind them. Tony Barton unfortunately didn't sculpt any Hesse-Darmstadt figures so 1806 Prussians were substituted (there are some minor uniform differences but short of wholescale conversions these were the best options) - I think they are just gorgeous, and would happily have sneaked them off the premises and into my collection.

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