Sunday, 14 February 2010

Week 2 - Failure

Okay, so I have 12 almost completed figures. But almost isn't success. The British Line Infantry have come along very nicely - well okay I did drop something on one of the painting sticks with the result that one figure lost his plume and another is leaning drunkenly backwards (I think I looked like that on Thursday evening) but apart from that... - but I simply didn't devote enough time to painting this week. I'm now 46 figures behind schedule.

Fortunately this week I'm assured by our sales team that they have not double-booked themselves with the result that I need to go and do their job for them in my spare time. I've also done with celebrating my bonus (well at least until I see it in my March paycheque anyway!) so there is nothing to stop me pressing on this week to finish the 12 British Line - rather than fanny around with WWII German infantry I plan to do a few more French in greatcoats as well. I'm hoping I can catch up a little.

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