Saturday, 13 February 2010

Week 2 Update

After my confident prediction that I would be beating my target of ten figures this week it looks like I might only scrape through. I neglected to consider that an emergency might occur at work and I'd need to spend two evenings pouring wine for people (I work for a wine importer) - the good news is, that rather to everyone's surprise, my company made a profit this year. As recently as October this looked doubtful at best - but November and December were storming months for us. I guess it remains to be seen whether this was the last twitching of the consumers' credit cards or whether it is a sign of recovery (naturally my money is on the former). Anyway, this means that my bonus will be rather better than expected - well actually a lot better than expected. And obviously that required an evening in the pub.

So to get back to the point - I haven't done much painting this week. But I think I can work through the twelve British Line Infantry that are partially done in time for the tomorrow evening deadline. The figures above are from the first batch that I painted awhile ago. As you can see they are essentially block painted and washed. I prime in white as I find that black priming makes it hard for me to see the details on the figures - I then use a brown wash to add shade and paint over this. I think they come out looking suitably grubby as though they had been on campaign for some time.

So tomorrow I plan to do an update with the rest of the Brits - assuming I've finished them that is. I'm thinking of a bit of a change for next week. I have a large pile (I don't really have small piles of figures) of 15mm Battlefront German infantry that are calling me - I also have some BH Austrian Artillery that I'd like to knock off, and some Cossacks (useless on the GdeB battlefield but very pretty) so I'm not sure in which direction I'll go.

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