Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fighting 15s At Colours 14/15th September

So, I don't have a Facebook account (or Twitter - I firmly believe that any idea that can be expressed in 147 characters or less is so obvious it doesn't need to be stated, or so shallow it shouldn't be discussed in that forum) so I missed this little drama when it first arose. Anyway, as Ian Marsh sells my favourite wargames figures in the world, and I'd like to see him continue to have food on the table (only so he can continue to very efficiently sell me figures that I don't really need whenever I have the urge to buy them) here is a straight lift of an entry on Oozlum Games blog from a few days ago. Please go along to Colours and buy some figures from him - but while you are there ask him to ask Mr Barton if he couldn't add some French line infantry marching in bonnets de police and such like.

Above is the advert that should have appeared in the Colours show guide and issue 365 (September 2013) of Miniature Wargames. Unfortunately, because of an error in Miniature Wargames’ ad production, the wrong advert will appear.
The above advert was to be used to key in to a new display of Eureka’s 18mm Seven Years War figures at the show, on which I have been working all summer. I am keen to promote this range now that it is being cast in the UK under licence, allowing me to reduce the prices, and advertising in the Colours issue of Miniature Wargames was a vital part of drawing wargamers’ attention to the range.
Over the past 24 hours there has been a moment of, shall I say, uncharacteristic fiery incandescence on my part directed at Miniature Wargames’ outsourced ad sales team at Media Shed. Editor Henry Hyde, however, rang me this morning, having talked to the publisher, and has settled the matter to my satisfaction.
So, I will be at Colours on 14 and 15 September, as usual with Black Hat Miniatures up on the first floor. I will have painted examples of Eureka’s lovely 18mm SYW figures on display in the cabinets. I will even have stock of the range at the show, but as usual the advice is order in advance to guarantee that I have what you want at the show.
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