Monday, 1 April 2013

18mm Spanish Day 10

Okay, so the original plan was 64 Spanish infantry in seven days. This then got adjusted to 48 infantry. In seven days. Well, clearly, as I've just completed the basic painting on 19 infantry I'm clearly way short.of my target.

Day four was spent at a company sales & marketing conference - which was fine, and I got to try some of our Burgundies side by side with the competition. I almost had a "Victor Meldrew" moment when a couple of our Marketing "luvvies" started prattling on about "what great value" a couple of our wines are - I understand perfectly what they meant but the wines concerned were £40 and £50 in the shops. I mean they are very nice but "value for money" to me isn't £40 a bottle. Predictably I drank responsibly until about 10 in the evening, and then irresponsibly for the rest of the evening, so the evening of Day Five was spent playing with Archie (a fourteen month old Westie) and sleeping.

Day Six was spent visiting a customer who wanted to moan about internet wine merchants; like I can help when they are prepared to supply on really narrow margins? Any visit to this customer involves "sampling" one or two wines - his definition of "sampling" is open the bottle and finish it. All I can do on these evenings is gamely work away at my glass and hope that some customers come in (they all generally get offered a sample) to take some of the load off. Of course it is churlish to complain when the two of us are "sampling" a good Brunello or some such that costs fifty or sixty quid in the store.

Anyway I probably spent all of about an hour a day over the last few days blocking in the 19 figures done so far - so I was hardly exerting myself. So, without further ado, here are some shots of the guys completed so far.

This is them on my rather cluttered painting desk - the sunlight coming through the window was rather washing these out so I moved to the PC desk:

I've got to say, that when I look at the pictures I'm appalled at how rubbish they look - up to this moment I thought they were coming along rather well. Now I just see small errors everywhere. Still, whereas before I was a little unsure whether to use the Army Painter stain because I was worried I'd ruin the work I'd already put in, I am no longer.

And finally, a rear view. The browns I used look like they are bleeding into the red facings but it isn't that bad in reality. By the way, in the background is some bare metal - Xan Miniatures Legere, four of the six figure skirmish pack - they are beautiful sculpts, and would go really well with AB's.  

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