Sunday, 10 June 2012

10th Cuirassiers

10e Regiment de Cuirassiers.

Created in 1643 by the Comte de Balthazard and entitled Royal Cravates, in 1791 the Regiment became the 10e Regiment de Cavalerie and in 1803 the 10e Regiment de Cuirassiers.

Regimental war record (Battles and Combats)
1792: Valmy1794: Kirchheimboland, Gosselies, and Fleurus
1795: Kreutznach
1796: Giessen and Neuwied
1799: Offenbourg
1800: Erlach and Hohenlinden
1805: Austerlitz
1806: Jena
1807: Eylau and Hoff
1809: Eckmuhl and Wagram
1812: La Moskowa
1813: Leipzig
1814: Hambourg
1815: Waterloo
Battle Honours
Fleurus 1794, Austerlitz 1805, Eckmuhl 1809, and La Moskowa 1812

So, these figures are by (I think - they came from the "Big Box") Battle Honours. They still need some touching up and some grass added - and I've realised there is a glaring error (well glaring to me anyway). At the back of the saddle is the folded foul weather cape that I have painted red - when I believe it should match the facing colour of yellow. Oh well....

The regiment served in the Second Cavalry Reserve Corps at Borodino in the 3rd Brigade (with the 1st/2nd Chevau-Legers) of the 2nd Cuirassier Division. I need to add a few more figures as the strength of the regiment given by Hourtelle for Borodino is given as 15 officers and 435 men (22/23 figures for GdeB) - so I think another officer and trumpeter plus four more enlisted men (or perhaps just another officer / trumpeter plus colonel & standard bearer).

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm still working on the casualty figures to complete the French Line Infantry battalion featured in the last post...

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