Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute Loot

So I picked up a few things at Salute this year (it seemed rude not to):

  1. The new Perry Light Cavalry for the WotR / 1450-1500 - three boxes (I mean what wargamer doesn't buy the three box deal?) plus the metal freebie figure.
  2. I picked up some 18mm Blue Moon British 9lbers - I'm not terribly impressed by some of their Napoleonic figures but the equipment is first rate. I've got some AB's so I'll probably do a comparative look at their measurements - because I'm anal like that. Having said BM figures are a bit iffy I also bought some 18mm AWI Militia - although I have some 15mm AWI figures to paint these BM figures will be joining the Spanish army as militia. I'll probably add in some AB Spanish infantry as a cadre of regulars.   
  3. A PC game "Scourge of War - Gettysburg 150th Anniversary Edition" - this is a tactical level game and includes Pipe Creek scenarios. The reason I quite fancy this is that it includes the option to have what they refer to as "Headquarters In The Saddle", or HITS (which restricts your view of the battlefield to what you would see if you were about 15 feet off the ground - so no 1000 foot general syndrome) - combined with the other options, such as courier command delays should make for a fairly interesting prospect. And anyway who can resist Gettysburg?
  4. I bought some of the new Iron Duke Miniatures 28mm Indian Mutiny figures - this was one of those ridiculous impulse purchases that I'll probably regret - I'm not even sure what the figures I bought represent (I'm pretty sure it was the 1st Madras). I bought 44 - two packs of skirmishers and the balance advancing at the double - this was 11 packs and was (to someone like me who only really buys AB or 28mm plastic) an eye watering 77 pounds. But they are really pretty.
  5. A pre-order from Fighting 15s - a grab bag of figures including French Dragoons, Spanish Grenadiers, and Duchy of Warsaw infantry - like I don't already have more AB than I need. Fortunately for Ian Marsh I don't have as many as I desire!


  1. Sounds like a very well controlled shopping trip.

    I'll be interested to see your AB/blue moon artillery comparison.

    1. "Sounds like a very well controlled shopping trip."

      Well there was also a subscription renewal for MWBG - but as a finance person I'll amortise that one over two years!

      And you didn't feel the weight of the well packaged box that Ian Marsh had put together for me...

    2. Lol, I'm sure he was very happy to see you!